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Qingdao Yinhua Machinery Manufacturing Factory is famous for its technology innovation, quality and honesty. After more than ten years of development, our company has strong technical force, complete testing means and perfect management system. The products mainly include sanding machine series, precision cutting board saw (push-table saw) series, edge-sealing machine series, row drilling series, reasonable product structure, perfect function, best-selling throughout the country, and exported to the Middle East, Russia, Turkey, Spain and more than a dozen countries, won the trust of users around the world. From product to service, as a professional manufacturer and marketing manufacturer of woodworking machinery, our company is not afraid of hardships, down-to-earth, persistent pursuit and unremitting efforts. While we are producing, we closely integrate sales, service and support work in all directions. And rely on customer demand to provide the whole plant design planning, can provide the correct design of production process, can provide daily operation of machinery maintenance skills training. We firmly believe that "customers are always right" service purpose, relying on the "three first-class" business philosophy, with first-class products, first-class talent, first-class service, wholeheartedly meet the needs of new and old customers throughout the country, "honest service, the pursuit of excellence" as a good partner of customers forever, we make great strides towards the future.




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