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Structure and Selection of Joint Planer for Woodworking Coffin

The cutting board of Yinhua Coffin Sewing Machine has high precision and can cut 3.8 meters of wood board. The cutting board guarantees no distortion and seamless and perfect splicing after cutting. To do coffin processing business is to hope to be able to do coffin demand, if you want to make their own coffin processing plant go a long way, two boats is not feasible, as long as the ability to produce good coffin products carefully in the pot is steadily rooted in the increasingly fierce competition at the moment.
Woodworking Joint Planing
Six Structural Forms of Coffin Sewing Machine
1. The coffin sewing machine adopts left and right pliers. On both sides of the mobile platform, it can lock the wood firmly and operate conveniently.
2. The planer of the coffin seaming machine may be inclined. By shaking the handle, controlling the front and back of the thread, and adjusting the angle of the planer between them, the inclined edges of different angles of the coffin may be planed.
3. There is an independent locking handle on the right side of the head of the coffin sewing machine. After adjusting the angle of the planer, the locking handle is rotated to firmly fix the head.
4. The coffin sewing machine adopts pure copper export motor, which has large enough power, fast cutting efficiency, long working time and long service life.
5. The machine adopts double-chamber Plated Round Bar guide, and uses the wheel frame to drive the structure. It is easy to open materials, easy to maintain and more durable.
6. The seam closing machine uses precision planer, spindle, planer 39 cm gold length, planes quickly, can make the wood grain smooth, not jammed.




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