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Special attention should be paid to the use of coffin sewing machine

Because the coffin sewing machine belongs to mechanical equipment, the price is not cheap, so the use of special attention. 1. The wiring should strictly follow the input voltage marked by the machine. If the wrong circuit protection switch will automatically jump off, it should be cleared in time. 2. The machine should be operated in strict accordance with the instructions. Operating machines is forbidden by untrained personnel. For beginners, it is better to operate the machine and use the host to point to the side. When the machine starts, it will run for a period of time, and XYZ will run in three directions to see if the machine is abnormal. It is strictly forbidden to process workpieces exceeding the processing size. 3. It is strictly forbidden to wear gloves to contact the spindle tools during the operation of the machine. 4. Clean workbench and guide rail in time and lubricate guide rail and transmission device regularly after completion of work on the same day.
Coffin sewing machine
We firmly believe that "customers are always right" service purpose, relying on the "three first-class" business philosophy, with first-class products, first-class talent, first-class service, wholeheartedly meet the needs of new and old customers throughout the country, "honest service, the pursuit of excellence" as a good partner of customers forever, we are making great strides towards the future.
Some friends just used the coffin sewing machine, may encounter the knife phenomenon of processing interruption, what is the reason for this? The concave-convex machine of the coffin joint sewing machine has completed seven reasons for knife folding. Users can pay more attention to it in the process of using it. 1. Processing procedure is seam description. It contains position commands and speed commands. It is the basis of machine tool movement. Therefore, whether the processing program is correct and reasonable directly affects whether the tool will damage the tool. 2. The machine tool seaming machine itself is the executor of seaming process and the supplier of seaming power. In the process of machining, whether the selection of the seaming machine is correct or not, and whether the current state of the seaming machine is normal, will become the influencing factors of tool fracture. 3. The clamping state of the tool is also one of the factors affecting the tool fracture. For example, tool organization is chaotic, radial runout is large, and deep tool length is too long, which may lead to tool fracture. 4. Material seam material is the object to be processed. If the hardness of the material is not uniform, any impurity will be broken. 5. Workpiece clamping If the workpiece is not clamped or the clamping is not firm, it will cause knife breaking. 6. Cutting fluid shows obvious performance in processing cemented carbide. 7. The environment around the machine, such as vibration source, will affect the working state of the tool and lead to tool fracture. The instability of machine tool voltage or abnormal working state caused by unstable voltage or beyond the working range of the seaming machine will also lead to tool breakage.




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