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Structure Construction of Coffin Sewing Machine

I. Machine Configuration
The key to the quality of the coffin seaming machine is the configuration of the machine itself. The main configuration of the coffin seaming machine includes the material of the machine body, the motor, the guide rail, the pusher and the saw blade. Therefore, when buying the coffin seaming machine, the customers and friends must pay more attention to these configurations.
II. Effectiveness of Machine Use
Look at the processing effect of coffin sewing machine, at this time, customers need to go to the manufacturer to check on the spot, because no matter how good the manufacturer says, as long as the final machine can not meet the requirements of the product effect, then this machine is not a good machine. A good coffin seam machine produces high precision sheets with smooth cutting surface, which can be used to sew the sheets together very well.
III. Strength and Service of Manufacturers
A high-quality coffin sewing machine manufacturer, not only the quality of the machine is guaranteed, all aspects of service is perfect and comprehensive.
4. Milling large surface, width can reach 480 mm, a wash thickness of not more than 30 mm is better. If the plate is placed on the machine and set aside according to the scale, the plate with the same thickness can be milled out without stopping the disposal in the early stage.
5. Chamfering can be adjusted at random within the range of 0-12 degrees according to different needs. It is compatible with three-dimensional and circular arcs. The maximum thickness can be washed off 30 mm at a time.
Sixth, slotting, after chamfering, indirect slotting can be achieved without moving the plate. The width of the slot is customized according to the thickness of the plate. Once the base number is confirmed, it can only be reduced in this base number. The width difference between the two ends of the groove should also be affirmed according to its own plate size. Once affirmed, it can not be changed. This is a fixed scale. For example, the slot width is 45 mm, which can be adjusted to 85 mm, and the slot width is 60 mm, which can be reduced to 115 mm.
7. Dovetailing, the pace of dovetailing with slotting, reducing the adjusting time is synchronized with slotting.
Eighth, tortuous correction, the thickness of the plate within 200 mm can be mechanically corrected (excluding distortion), orders can be made at the time of request. After mechanical corrections, the grooves and tenons are straight. After the coffin sewing machine has finished the seam, the plate has been corrected naturally.




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